Saturday, November 13, 2010

Writing is Hard

And by hard, I mean impossible, almost that is.
Anyway I'm finding it almost impossible to actually sit down and try to write something substantial for this blog. I mean really write something, something that I won't make me want to throw up after reading. So for now I'll leave the blogging world with the complete opposite of writing until there's some connection between my brain, fingers and the keyboard of my macbook. Enjoy.
Also I love that you're leaving me messages on our blog, Danny=)
Melissa, where dah fuh you at?


  1. In regard to diary writing Virginia Woolf writes: "Never mind the misses and the stumbles. Going at such a pace as I do I must make the most direct and instant shots at my object, and thus have to lay my hands on words, choose them and shoot them with no more pause then is needed to put my pen in the ink."
    …just thought you might appreciate that advice. It helps me whenever I feel inarticulate.
    Great pictures, btw!
    : )

  2. This is Melissa. You'll be pleased to know, I have finally arrived as per your request. Also, I thoroughly enjoy your musings.

    - Melissa (at the risk of being repetitive)