Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Here's to you Mr. Hemingway

I have been sufficiently obsessed with the likes of Ernest Hemingway as of late. Reading only the first chapters of The Garden of Eden, his word choice and creativity compel me to attempt the same. I would like to take this time to appreciate his genius. He is brilliant and adventurous and sexual in all the best contexts. Enjoy the photos that follow.


  1. Hey,

    Great post, Melissa! I’ve always been more of a Fitzgerald fan myself, but Hemingway is indeed a very interesting writer. The only reason I tend to back away from his work is because I feel as if his work always compromises the mystic power of language for the sake of word economy. In short, he’s too much of a minimalist for me. However, I feel as if I haven’t read enough of his novels to know him well enough, though. Do you have any recommendations on one of your favorite novels by him? I feel as if I’m thinking a bit injustly of him, and I’m sure you could show me his charm.

    -Danny : )

  2. I absolutely love this passage. Nice post.

  3. Honestly, I haven't read many full works by Hemingway myself, but I've been told quite often by other writers that my work somewhat reminds them of him. I don't really care as much for his work as a whole as I do for the bits of writing that I feel are perfection and wildly honest. The excerpts posted in the pictures are a few examples from The Garden of Eden. I did enjoy The Old Man and the Sea although it's a more depressing piece, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. I just find that his life along with his work feel somewhat like home to me. His home in Key West even felt like somewhere I belonged. There's a sort of mystical connection I feel toward Hemingway that is particularly difficult to explain. I do plan to read more of his work, so I'll hold off on any recommendations, but if you search quotes by Hemingway, I think you'll understand the charm.

    - Melissa

    PS Thank you both for the compliments and I do like Fitzgerald too. The Gatsby is great! :)