Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rambling about Women's Expressions

An unusual observation—for a man at least:

Statistics prove that, on average, women are more intelligent than men.
Ladies, your blushes are merited!

Now, for my unusual observation…it is unusual strictly because it is being made by a male—i.e., me.

Rarely is one struck by a man’s having an “intelligent” expression… I’m just testing the waters here, so don’t jump on me! But do think. How often does one see a man and think to one’s self, “My, what intelligent eyes!”?

Seldom… is my argument. Yet I have often encountered women and thought, “What intelligent eyes!”

There is something quicker, sharper, more incisive about the feminine physiognomy. A masculine expression can be intolerably blunt in a way a femenine one can never be.

O, feminine sagacity!


  1. I think eye liner might also have something to do with it.

  2. I agree! I once read an article that explains the difference between a masculine and feminine face is the amount of contrast, especially around the eyes, which women seek to enhance by wearing eyeliner. Great thinking, Danny! As a woman, this was lovely and flattering to read.

    - Melissa