Monday, August 29, 2011

Ono Dos Tres Quatro

Pitbull? Pitbull in a Lanvin ad?! Yes ladies and gentlemen, it has happen, and it may just be the greatest song to ever grace a fashion advertisement. Not only does it have to do with fashion/style but, God alive, Miami/ Cuban culture as well. I mean Pitbull (or as I personally like to refer him as Armando formando escandolo, es cierto) may not be the best representative of  Miami culture (Yes Pitbull, I do doubt your abilities to make a movie like Alfred Hitchcock). But he is literally a superstar. Every time I turn on the radio there he is, speaking spanglish and referencing Miami Dade county<3! I swear if I had a penny for every time Pitbull says "dale", I'd be a very happy lady. And I do shamelessly put up my radio when he raps: "My granny's from Cuba but I'm an American!" That line has been probably been repeated over a million times! Oh hai, my granny is also a Cuban and I'm an that's nuts! People around the world are singing that, along with the "dale's" and the spanglish. People around the world are basically jamming out to my culture. That's insane. And the fact that a song called "Calle Ocho," could be in a fashion ad, one that Steven Meisel worked on and  Alber Elbaz makes a cameo in(oh, he shows those models how its done), is completely, absolutely, and utterly mind blowing! I want to keep explaining how super excited I am!!!!... but I'm too tired.... Score one for the Cubans though!

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