Friday, January 7, 2011

Quick Opinions on Plath's The Bell Jar

A little disappointing as far as the story goes. Nevertheless, Plath’s prose is brilliant, honest, and sensitive. She has a knack for metaphor and simile and imagery. In short, I think she’s more of a poet than a novelist.

O, and her descriptions of avocados and mayonnaise-blanketed crabmeat; and blind, windowless, doorless corridors of despair; and suffocating bell jars is quite extraordinary!
I’m excited, though, to get copies of her poem collections, Ariel and The Colossus.

I enjoyed her writing style; I just found her story lacking.


Come on, guys. This girl's a poet...

(I think I've already sent this vedio to you, Nicole. But it's just so good.)

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